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ShanYan Hydraulic Co. Ltd. has a domain business on the Ball Valve, Hydraulic Lock, Single and Double Closed Balance Valve, Single and Double Open Balance Valve and Various Functional Valve Units. (Followings are the detailed information of each kind)  

BALL VALVE: This kind of valve is mainly used in various hydraulic systems to connect and stop the circulation. Our join dimension of the ball valve, in accordance with the products of international companies like HYDAC of Germany and GEMILS of Italy, can be used universally. Our ball valve has characteristics of easy operating torque, high pressure resistant and long service life.
PILOT CHECK VALVE: It is mainly used in hydro-cylinder of various vehicle of engineering-machinery, like hydraulic aerial cage, crane truck and forklift. Our hydraulic lock has a stable feature of open and close and also is good at speedy reaction. The size of the lock is conforming to the standard of Germany and Italy and it can be instead of the imports. 

OVERCENTER VALVE: The valve is used principally in hydro-cylinder and motor system of various vehicle of engineering-machinery, like land leveler, crane and pump truck. We currently have 4 series of counterbalance valve of single open counterbalance valve, single close counterbalance valve, double open counterbalance valve and double close counterbalance valve. The product performance is good and conforms to the international and can be instead of the imports.     

FUNCTIONAL VALVE UNIT: We can design various functional valve units into an accordingly small-size manifold block with software like AutoCAD, Solidworks, Ansys, which can efficiently and effectively downsize the installation room of the valve.


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